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Custom Molding

Agricultural Specialty 

Quad Tubs

These tubs are very strong, durable, flexible and capable of carrying large loads. They are excellent at hauling animals at hunting season, transporting wood, fencing equipment or hunting supplies.  Tandem trailer eliminates getting stuck they are also floatable. Lid can be used for a bench, shelter and you can stack gear or supplies on top.

Quad Tubs
4' Single and or Tandem Axle Trailer   
  Size: 52" x 52" x 23" 
Tilt and lock action
 6' Tandem and or single Axle Trailer 
  Size: 72" x 48" x 23" 
Tilt and lock action
Recreation or Industrial use.
Both available in single or tandem

Trailer Tubs sold separately.  Special Orders and colours are available upon request

Weight Rating:  500 lbs per wheel and rim  2000 lbs on wheel and axel

22X1-8 4 bolt wheels


Calf Savers

Keep your newborn calf or calves in a controlled environment

Also useful for sick pen or chick brooder
Opening for heat lamp (110 volt heater optional) ? Special Order (SO)
Ribbed design for extra strength
Size: 46 x 43 x 45

Calf sled used on the farm for moving calves , small loads of wood or anything you would like a hand with.

Size: 54" x 23" x 5.5"

Moose Caboose

Highly recommended for hauling animals or wood  from the bush. With hitch or pull rope. Colors vary.

 Stackable  for shipping.  Will not tip Size: 69" x 30" x 10"

Snowmobile Sled for easy towing follows nicely in the track of the ski doo.

 Size: 80" x 23" x 14.5"

Trappers sled

Used for hauling heavy loads of wood or supplies.

Size: 96" x 30" x 16"

Trappers sled with box inserts.  Keep your supplies out of the elements.

Size: 96" x 30" x 16"

Box inserts come in different sizes depending on what you are hauling.

Rugged and durable for harsh cold winters.

Chlorination Tanks

50 Gallon Chlorination Tank.

Drum Buddy

Drum buddy is an easy way to handle drums.  An easy way to keep things clean.  Great for the farm and your 48 gallon drums! You can put a lock on these.  They are double walled for environment protection.

Constructed of heavy duty polyethylene resin.

8.0 UV Rating. Drum capacity up to 50 imp Gallon or 55 US Gallon (227 L)

Sump Capacity 70 imp Gallon or 85 US Gallon (320 L). 

Brittle at -70C or -94F 

Will not rust or corrode 

Easy access for filling 5 Gallon or 20 L pails 

Front area large enough to hold chemical pump or pail

Assorted colors available upon request

Floating Dock

Floating Dock/Pontoons are useful on the farm or acreage dugout, river, etc

 Make any size of dock

PONTOON    weighs 80 lbs Displacement Approx 1200 lbs each

Grain Auger  Hopper and Spout

Very sturdy grain handling equipment that will get the job done.  Durable and Strong will not dent or rust.  UV light protected. Special orders for weight.

Hopper Size: 46" x 43" x 18" 

Flexible Auger Discharge Spouts  Sizes: 4", 8", 10" or 13"

Grain Auger Spouts sold by the joint

Includes Straps and bolts

Livestock Feeders

Need sturdy livestock feeding equipment.

Bunk feeders

Size: 120 x 24 x 27 (L x D x W)

Mineral Feeders

Swivels against wind, minerals are protected from rain. UV protected.

Complete with approximately 2' of chain for hanging.

Special Orders for stands and longer chains are also available.


Sleds for all uses.

Pull Sled for small loads (wood, hay, Livestock etc) Size: 54" x 23" x 5.5"

Moose Caboose for big loads. Stackable, will not tip Size: 69" x 30" x 10"

Snowmobile Sled for easy towing Size: 80" x 23" x 14.5"

Trapper Sled with removable box insert Size: 96" x 30" x 16"

Comes with rope or  can be ordered with metal hitches


Various Tanks for hauling potable water or chemical. Heavy Duty.

Chemical Tanks

Chlorination Tanks

Cone Tanks

Cylindrical Tanks

Dome Tanks 1250 gal

Double Wall Collection Tanks

Loaf Tanks 50 , 65,100, 150, 200, 330 gal, 550 gallons

Oval Tanks

Self Supporting Tanks to fit down stairwalls or in small spaces

Sprayer Tanks

Water Troughs

 Stock Water troughs are available in round or rectangle shape

All are fitted with bottom drains

The heavy  lip around the top for strength and stability

Floats and valves available

Insulated winter water troughs use over wet well or on ground

Animal Feeders

Dog Dish 36" round X 5" deep

Chicken Feeders and Waterer's  each measure 22" tall x 20" wide

Pig Feeders

Water Troughs round  24X48 dia 120 Gal

                                   24x72 Dia 350 gal

                        square 660 gal trough  108" x96"X24 Deep

                        square 1250 plus trough 179"X97"X26 Deep

Mineral Feeder  with or without welded stand

Bunk Feeder  120" long X 24" deep X 27" wide

Round storage container for Dog food Etc      H-18.5"x W-22"