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Custom Molding

Oilfield and Environmental Specialty

Drip Trays | Spill Trays | Catch Basins

Spill Control - Environmental Issues - Safety Precautions - can be mastered with products from Barrhead Plastics. 

Trays are stackable for easy shipping ask for your color

Click on Environmental spill trays for part number and size

Oil Pan Drip Tray with pull rope, just put under unit and pull out ask for drain spout.

Drum Buddy

Drum buddy is an easy way to handle 50 gallon barrels, keep chemicals  neat, tidy, clean and out of sight.

Constructed of heavy duty polyethylene resin. 

8.0 UV Rating. 

Drum capacity up to 50 imp Gal. or 55 US Gal. (227 L). 

Sump Capacity 70 imp Gal or 85 US Gal. (320 L). 

Brittle at -70C or -94F. Will not rust or corrode.

Easy access for filling 5 Gal. or 20 L pails. 

Mobile Gas and Oil Drum containment, just add wheels and handle.

Front area large enough to hold chemical pump or pail.

L 58.5 X W 35 x H 44

Oilfield Specialty


Chemical Tanks

Chemical Tanks in various sizes and accessories.Stainless Steel or polyethylene fittings.Stands and ladders are built to order by a licensed welder for our shop. 

50  gallon double wall tank

150 gallon double wall tank with 4 foot stand L 72"x W 34"x H 48" 

300 gallon double wall tank with 4 foot stand L 47" x W46" X H 49"

500 gallon double wall tank with 4 foot stand L 87" WX  55" X H 59

1000 Gallon double wall tank with 4 foot stand  L X90" WX 70" HX 76"

2 and 4 foot stands available

Double Wall Collection Tanks

Double Wall Collection Tanks made of heavy duty construction.

50 or 250 gallon Burial units with steel metal top plates with monitor between inner & outer walls. 1/4" steel plate lids. 

Base 32"-H 33" Top 28" Inner tank 50 gal

Base 64"- H-41" Inner tank 250 gal B48"X H40"

Line Containment

Line containment  accommodates 2" and 3" pipe. Three styles to choose from:

Base P19x19 Basin 8.5x8.5 X 5 deep 2&3 inch pipe holds 1- 2 inch pipe or 1 3 inch pipe

Base C24 X 29 Basin 16x 11 x x 6 deep 3&4 inch pipe holds 2- 3 inch pipe  or 1 -4 inch pipe

Base B 31X 31 Basin 9x9x8 deep  3&4 inch pipe line or 3- 3 inch lines of pipe or one 4 pipe

Gas Hutch

Hinged at bottom for easy access to valve etc. for working or housing  your pump units.                               Size 52"x65"x54"

This container can be hinged at any recessed level for different application, eg. recycle, garbage container.

Load Line Units Handles up to 3" pipe containment for 10 Gal of fluid. Holds up to 3" pipe. Special orders.

Pipeline Cone Stand

Mini cable stand base 15.5"-H 11.5"  Holds 1"- 2 1/2" cable

2"-7"  Maximum Load Capacity - 600kg (1322lbs)  Base 23" H 22" 10" across top

7"-11" Maximum Load Capacity - 1500kg (3306lbs)

base 26"- H26" 11" across top

Large tall cone stand Base 33"-H 43" 11.5" across top

Pipeline cone stand star cone  7-11" Base 25"- H 25" 3/8" thick

Pipeline cone stand star cone 12-16 Base 30.5" H-24" across top 22"

Pipeline cone stand Large Brute star cone  Base 40.5"- H-27" 33" across top 12,000 lb capacity on flat surface

Square pipeline stand Base 24"X 12" H-22" Top 15.5"x4" 4 to 9" cradle - special order

Large square pipeline stand Base 24"X20" H-24" Top 8"by 15"-9' cradle  - special order