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Pipeline Stands

Pipelines Stands
  PC 2-7
 Holds 2in to 7in pipe
  Cylinder or Star Shape
  H 19``xB24`
 3é8 in
 10.5 lb

Pipeline Stand Cones------- Superior pipeline choice-------------Go with the Best

Mini cable stands----  5.5 lbs. stackable choice of color 11.5" H Base 13.5" 1/4 Thick

Cylinder cable stands ----Height 19"---- Base 24"

Cylinder cable stands-----Height 26"----Base 26"

CS43---------------------Tall Cable Stands-------H43"X33" ------ 35 lbs.

PC 2-7------------------- Holds  2-7" Pipe Size ---Cylinder or Star Shape  H19"xB24" 3/8" thick 10.5 lbs

PC 7-11 ------------------Holds 7-11" Pipe Size ---Cylinder or Star Shape H26"xB26" 3/8"thick  19 lbs

Rated Maximum Load Capacity  600kg (1322lbs) for 2-7"

Rated Maximum Load Capacity 1300 Kg 2800lbs for 7-11"

PC24 --------------------- Holds 16" to 24" pipe cone stand # 1 in the field pick your color

Tall Pipeline cones-----  H43"x B 33" holds pipe 1-6 inches in Diameter 35 lbs excellent for welders.

 Also used for cable stands in many applications.

Not just pipe supports. Excellent Quality guaranteed weight.  Call us for your next project.  Made in Canada.


Square pipeline stands 2 sizes to choose from.