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Barrhead's Fantastic With Plastic!

Barrhead Plastics Ltd

Custom Molding



ATV Trailers and Accessories

Calf Shelter or Calf Saver

Chlorination Tanks

Drum Buddy

Floating Dock

Grain Hopper and Spout

Livestock Feeders



Water Troughs

Boxes (Lid Boxes, Lip Boxes, Open Boxes, Special Purpose Boxes, Flower Pots)

Drums and BARRELS  (Double Wall Collection Tank, Drum Buddy, Drums)

Environmental (Drum Buddy, Spill Trays, Waste Management

Oilfield Specialty (Secondary Spill Tray Containment, Chemical or Water hauling Tanks, Drum Buddy storage for 45 gallon drum, Flowline, Gas Hutch,  Pipeline Cone Stand(cylinder or star shape)

Recreational Products Snowmobile sleds, trappers sleds, pull sleds, moose caboose,quad  tubs and trailers, hunting blinds,plastic jump cavaletti blocks, pack boxes, toilet sumps,docks, float docks

Specialty (Carboys, Chlorination Tanks, Gas Hutch, Hunting Blinds, Laundry, Miscellaneous, Palletized, Spill Trays, Sump)

Storage (Spill Trays, Storage Containers)

Tanks (Chemical Tanks, Chlorination Tanks, Cone Tanks, Cylindrical Tanks, Dome Tanks, Double Wall Collection Tanks, Loaf Tanks, Oval Tanks, Self Supporting Tanks, Sprayer Tanks)