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Barrhead's Fantastic With Plastic!

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Custom Molding

Specialty Items


5  and 10 Gallon carboys                                   50 Gallon Chlorination Tanks


Gas Hutch

Need to keep equipment dry outside, this hutch could suite your need. 

For gas risers bottom is cut out. Hinged at bottom for easy access to valves 

Can also be hinged at any recessed level for different applications example recycle bin or garbage container.

Hunting Shelter

Shelter from the elements.  A great pal for your fishing or hunting expedition. Also a roadside shelter at the bus stop for the wee ones.

Plexiglass windows optional. Hinged Door.

Size: 52" x 72" (W x H)

Laundry Tubs

Laundry storage tubs, for homes, hospitals, nursing homes or whatever your imagination can think of. Storage of fur pelts. 


We have many items that we custom mold for customers.

beaver t's, hot tubs, jousting knee guards, runway light stands, square pipeline cones.

If you have an idea for a project you would like to mould call the experts at Barrhead Plastics to get the professional advise you need to get your project underway.

Organize Your Work 


Our fence feeders also work great in a shop you can keep miscellaneous tools and equipment organized

Palletized Dumpsters 

Palletized Dumpster for easy loading and transport. Garbage cardboard,milk or bottle containers, etc. Size: 46" x 36" x 48" 

 Outhouse Burial Toilet Sump

For the cabin ,acreage or farm. 

160 Gallon (Size: 59" x 33" x 25"). 

Stack Size: 14" x 20" (D x H) Vent Size: 9" x 12" (D x H). 

Can be buried to ground level.Safe for environment. Fittings at your request.

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