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Barrhead's Fantastic With Plastic!

Barrhead Plastics Ltd

Custom Molding

NEW Designed with ease in mind. This 2'x4'x6" deep oil drip pan or tray has built in pockets and a pour spout for easy emptying. A rope handle can be attached if desired. Check out photo albums to see whole picture.

5x10 spill tray 

NEW 5'X10'

 Alberta Best Built Trays tougher, stronger and more durable than the competition

Built for Environmental Issues-safety precautions and spill control

55 gal to 1250 plus gallons.  For sizes click on trays then to the right click on for sizes.

We pride ourselves on our spill trays they are rugged, durable and have excellent reliability performance. Product does not rust or corrode.They are stackable for economical shipping.  Made for the harsh work environment from our manufacturing plant to you.  They can also be repaired by plastic welding. Our polyethylene is constructed of heavy duty resin and has a UV rating of 8.  Blue color trays are made exclusively by our company only.  Think blue there from us to you. Pick your own color and gave your trays and products branded for your business.

660 and 1250 gallon heavy duty spill trays, stackable.  Dependability you can rely on.